Cultural Integration in the Workplace

A firm’s human resource is a major source of competitive advantage and thus an objective cannot be reached without a workforce. Being on an island where demand is higher than the supply an organisation has to invest in the employees’ satisfaction whilst also generating profit. In fact, it is argued that in today’s dynamic and competitive environment, the company’s human resources are its only competitive advantage. If we take this argument then it is clear that more than ever before, investing in employees, their fulfilment and well being , will serve as a benefit that the company can sustain its competitive level and market share.

Cultural diversity can be a great positive asset in the workplace. But in many cases, we are not always sure how to interact most effectively with those whose values and behaviours differ from our own.

How well employees can interact with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds, adapt to new multicultural working environments can be fundamental to how a company performs in local and international markets. In today’s business world, an increasing number of businesses in Malta consider intercultural skills to be a vital ingredient for success.

Being able to adapt to new intercultural situations, effectively communicate and build rapport with colleagues from different backgrounds, and establish positive professional relationships across cultures, can be essential for team building, successful negotiation and problem-solving.

Choosing a Cultural Integration course as part of a professional development will give participants the skills and techniques to thrive in multicultural environments and build fruitful working relationships in Malta.

With the growing importance of integration on the business agenda and the fact that Malta now has a multicultural workforce, the purpose of this Award is to introduce employees from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to understanding what it means to work in a multicultural environment.

Article By: Roxanne Clarke[