OZO's Pioneering Commitment in the Battle Against Modern Slavery

OZO remains committed to actively confronting and taking a pioneering role in the fight against modern slavery. We have established robust mechanisms to ensure that our employees and the broader market comprehend the issue of modern slavery. We are dedicated to doing everything within our power to assist our clients, supply chains, and industry partners in eradicating this reprehensible crime from our collective endeavours.


Over the years, Ozo has built a portfolio of services and has continued to operate on its root values of quality customer service and empowered human resources.

The humble roots of Ozo as a cleaning company in 1996 have proven successful, and among the many services it offers today, the company provides highly specialised cleaning and sanitisation services to clients in multiple industries, such as aviation, construction and the events sector.

However, Ozo has also diversified its work, and has entered multiple industries, including hospitality. The company provides outsourcing of fully-trained personnel, many of which form part of the stellar teams at several top hotels and restaurants, working in the front office, housekeeping services, food and beverage, security, as well as maintenance.

We have also branched out into the manufacturing industry, and have become one of our home country’s most trusted and reliable brand to outsource employees to an industry that is constantly growing. Our fully-qualified, trained and insured staff include machine operators, warehouse helpers, cable installers, maintenance helpers, welders, mechanical and electrical technicians, and delivery drivers and helpers.

Ozo has also expanded its services to the retail industry, providing customer support and service representatives, storekeepers and drivers to multiple clients, instilling in its employees the same values that have written the success story it is today – stellar customer service and high quality work.

OZO Academy

Promoting Commitment, Standardising Excellence & Producing Results.

OZO Academy was established in 2014, with the aim to create learning and professional development opportunities for all employees working within OZO Group. OZO Academy, which Is licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority as a Further Education Institution, is the only private hospitality school on the island and it provides students with internationally recognised accredited qualifications following programmes that are directly linked to employees’ vocational needs according to client and market requirements.

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