Press Release: Wasteserv Malta

We would like to announce that Ozo Services, a subsidiary company of Ozo Group Malta has officially taken over the provision of labour at the several sites operated by Wasteserv.

With great pleasure, we welcome all employees on board whilst we would like to publicly thank Wasteserv management for their kind assistance during the changeover period, making sure the transition is smooth. I would also like to thank my management and staff who tirelessly worked to ensure that all is up and running. I would also like to wish a stroke of big good luck to Daniel Genovese and his team who will be taking lead in operations at Wasteserv.

with this acquisition, Ozo Group proudly now employs over 3,000 employees which are considered as our extended family without whom the group wouldn’t have achieved the successes obtained throughout the years.


we are extremely proud and happy that we have been entrusted with such a contract. On behalf of everyone at Ozo Group, I would like to welcome the current workforce at Wasteserv onboard our extended family. – Fabio Muscat , Group CEO



With great pleasure, we have also welcomed Wasteserv’s management at our offices as s we believe that it is of utmost importance that the client and the contractor understand the culture, ethos and vision of both parties to make it easier and better to work together.